Sealionwoman (November 2015 - February 2016) Designed and made costume for Selkie.
Theatre-Rites (April - November 2015) Designed and made puppets for Beasty Baby.
Theatre-Rites (September - October 2014) Designed and made two large, articulated inflatable fabric puppets for the company's R&D into the possibilities of using inflatable objects in dance theatre, and acted as a facilitator during the R&D week.
Cloud Cuckoo Land/Birmingham REP Foundry (April - July 2014) My role in the collaborative R&D and scratch production of What Big Eyes You've Got encompassed designing and making set, props and costume, including a 3mx3m sculptural projection screen in several sections, creating graphics and an animated sequence for projection, helping to devise sequences, and performing.
20 Stories High (April - September 2013) Puppet designer and maker for Melody Loses her Mojo.
Rainbow Productions Ltd. (July 2011 - September 2013) Production of character costumes in sculpted Plastazote and textiles, large scale fibreglass casting and propmaking in a range of materials including wood, fibreglass and metal work.
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (July 2012 and Jan - Feb 2013) Puppet maker for a series of young children's workshops run by Southwark Community Projects.
Garyhaus Players (November 2011 - May 2012) Production designer and prop and puppet maker for I Have Never Cared For Sunsets: A History.
Breton Labs Productions (January 2012) Art Department assistant for Sinead O'Connor's The Wolf is Getting Married music video, set dressing.
HSI London (December 2011) Art Department assistant for Jakwob's Electrify music video, propmaking and set dressing.
Friend Production Ltd. (December 2011) Art Department assistant for The Fixers' Iron Deer Dream Music video, creating and maintaining makeup effects, propmaking and set dressing.
Robert Allsop & Associates (April 2011) Costume and armour fabrication for Shrek: The Musical.
Cloud Cuckoo Land (February 2011) Set building for The Great British Summer.
Future Shorts (February 2011) Set and installation building for Secret Cinema.
Birmingham Old Rep (September 2010) Assisting with puppet production for The Firework Maker's Daughter.
Arts Festival St Davids (June 2010) Production of an ass's head mask for A Midsummer Night's Dream and publicity design for Just So.
New European Opera (January - March 2010) Design and construction of body padding, armour and props for L'Opera Seria
Royal Shakespeare Company (January 2010) Visual research, materials experimentation and fabrication of soft props for Dunsinane.
Royal Shakespeare Company (October 2009) Assisting with puppet production for The Arabian Nights, cutting and sewing fabric puppets.
Fort Mark Films (July 2009) Life casting of an actor and production of an earpiece in latex for Townies.
Moonstruck Astronaut (January 2009) Assisting with puppet production for The Man in the Moon, carving and assembling puppets in polysterene and plastazote and applying surface finishes.
Cloud Cuckoo Land (April-July 2006) Construction of a large scale puppet and publicity design for Bleep 'n' Grind.